Reports on "Malia"


11/14/00 - The latest from the sea lion "Malia" released on Saturday by the Marine Mammal Care Center in San Pedro Ca. These locations show that she is staying fairly close to the same location as yesterday and keeping within about a five mile radius. She appears to have hauled out for a few short periods and is staying within three to four miles of shore.

11/17/00 - More data from Malia, the sea lion. From the tag standpoint, things look quite good. We are getting many daily locations. It appears that she is staying near to the same location for the past several days, perhaps hauling out for short periods, but staying within two to three miles of the coast. The latest messages show that she may be moving slightly to the south. It will be interesting to see where she goes, as she was originally stranded to the north of both her present, and release location.

 11/21/00 - Quite a bit from the weekend. We are getting a good deal of hits each day and a number with good accuracy. It appears that "Malia" has moved roughly one hundred miles to the south along the coast and is now near San Diego. Yesterday it appears that she spent some time hauled out on some small islands five toten miles offshore and slightly to the south. This location is near some of the deepest water she has been over (200-250 meters deep) and it would seem to be a good location for feeding (just a guess).

11/27/00 - Latest from "Malia". This should include data since last Tuesday. As you can see we are continuing to get quite good location information on her travels. It appears that for the past several days she has stayed in the same general location centering around some small islands to the south and west of San Diego (about twenty miles or so). This is roughly eight to ten miles off of the coast of Baja. She has moved as far as twenty miles away from these islands (on the 24th), but continues to return to them (apparently hauling out).

11/30/00 - Today's data...It appears that "Malia" headed south along the coast for about twenty miles, then headed offshore and back north again the way she came. Our last location was about halfway back to Islas Coronados, where she has spent much of her time for the past week or so.

12/6/00 - New locations for "Malia". After moving about ten miles south, she appears to have returned to her central area of activity near the smallest coronado island...

12/12/00 - Locations of "Malia" from this weekend to today. For the past several days she appears to be continuing to center her activity around the Coronado Islands, with at least one location (usually at night) coming from on one island. For the past three days she appears to be making trips east to within about one mile of the Baja coast, but returning each day to the islands. We will see if this pattern continues.

12/13/00 - New data from "Malia". Locations still in the same general area, centering around a roughly 10 square mile area with a small island at the center. Interesting thing to note is that for the past two days she has returned to the same island at roughly the same time of night (about 10:00 at night, local time). Compare the last location for today with the same time yesterday......

12/19/00 - Data from "Malia" for the past three days. Her pattern continues about the same as the past week. She has been moving around a roughly twenty square mile area to the east of the Coronado islands to within roughly one mile of the coast of southern California and Baja. It appears that she is making frequent (for the past few days , daily) return trips to the islands during the night.